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At Public Speaking Academy, we train speakers to express and impress in multiple communication domains: Public Speaking, Debating, Inter -personal Skills, Interviews and National Examinations including Project Work (Oral Presentation). Our school- based as well as corporate training modules are customized to meet the expectations of our clients and partners. Our training portfolio also includes linguistic mastery and enrichment courses.

Our Milestones

Founded in 2009, the Public Speaking Academy has seen over 5 years of outstanding performances both locally and abroad. The Public Speaking Academy has consistently provided quality education on effective communication and the English language to help students and working professionals excel in their respective fields. The positive reviews and feedback from satisfied clients continue to motivate the Public Speaking Academy to upgrade and refine its teaching methodologies; providing the best to new and existing clients.

The Public Speaking Academy has successfully organized the National Public Speaking Competition since 2010 for Secondary and Tertiary school students in Singapore. The National Public Speaking Competition (NPSC) is a Nation-wide competition to showcase the varied talents of contestants and allow for facilitated skills -exchanges. In addition, the NPSC challenges contestants to think critically, respond cogently and persuade passionately on important local and global issues. The NPSC prides itself as a preferred platform where schools invest in the effective communication potential of students by sending their students to participate in the annual competition.

Since 2010, the NPSC has seen over 500 student participants as contestants and over 300 public speaking professionals/ enthusiasts’ as members of the Organizing Committee, Adjudication panel and volunteers corp.

On the effective communication training front, the Public Speaking Academy has served over 20 Corporate Organizations and Charitable/ Non-profit Organizations in providing paid presentations and pro bono coaching services respectively. Our quality teaching faculty members are also highly -sought after trainers and motivational speakers not just for the wide breadth and depth of knowledge which they command, but also the public speaking/debating competition experiences, achievements and accolades which they hold. Heading the teaching faculty is our Principal and Master Trainer, Darren Tay. Darren Tay is also the founder of the Public Speaking Academy and has spoken and trained more than 100,000 individuals on effective communication skills; useful in the classroom as well as the boardroom. Darren Tay is also the best-selling author of “Express to Impress”.

Driven by the passion to cater effective communication skills to the masses, the Public Speaking Academy has expanded its business operations by opening a learning centre at SAFRA Tampines in 2014. The learning centre is well equipped with the requisite resources for optimal learning and teaching. Our unique teaching methodologies, quality teaching faculty, conducive learning environment, impactful deliverables and reasonable pricing render us the preferred choice for effective communication excellence.


Our small student to teacher ratio allows for more focused attention on individuals

Main Entrance to SAFRA building

Located at SAFRA Tampines; a clubhouse which boasts of excellent amenities for the family


Our facility promotes conducive learning and teaching

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