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Dear Parent(s),

Public Speaking Academy is delighted to share with you the launching of our proprietary school holiday programme – S’Peak Performance – that is specially designed to turbo-charge your child’s/ children’s effective communication skills in just 2 days and we cordially invite him/ her to kick-start his/ her Public Speaking success with us!

Essential soft skills such as public speaking and interpersonal communication have become increasingly important and highly sought after in the academia, ranging from Direct School Admission and Scholarship interviews, multimedia classroom presentations to oral examinations, leadership roles and day-to-day interaction amongst students. The necessity of such soft skills will become even more apparent in their future professional workplace environment.

Based on our primary research, many students in Singapore lack either stage confidence/ self-esteem or stage competencies which impairs the effectiveness of their communication skills. Worse, this could create a vicious cycle where students reinforce their self-limiting belief that they were born without the gift of the gab and that “Nature” trumps “Nurture” therefore perpetuating the deficiency of self-confidence.

In Public Speaking Academy, we strongly believe that soft skills such as public speaking and interpersonal communication can absolutely be nurtured and effectively taught. The benefits of equipping your child/ children with such value-adding skillsets can be enjoyed in multi-folds if stage confidence and competencies are developed early which is why the Academy has decided to cater this school holiday programme to both Primary (Pri 4, 5, 6) and Secondary students!

These are what you can expect from the S’Peak Performance programme:

  • Our Master Trainer, Darren Tay, who is also the World Champion of Public Speaking 2016, will be personally conducting the programme where our students will be able to receive World-Class guidance, tried and tested public speaking and confidence-boosting strategies
  • UNIQUE and FRESH teaching approach, for instance, the usage of video recording to track performance and progress and 3-tier evaluation to facilitate improved learning curve
  • Small class size for individualised attention to ensure that every single one of our student will be able to absorb the teachings and see marked improvement in communication
  • In the Academy, our students are provided with a conducive and nurturing environment (i.e. safe place) to make as many mistakes as possible and learn from one another
  • Focus on the practical aspects and many opportunities for students to speak up
  • Using of VR technology (which the Public Speaking Academy is in collaboration with Samsung Singapore) for in-class coaching; this is the ONLY learning centre which has partnered Samsung Singapore regarding the usage of VR technology

Programme Outline:

FOCUS on preparing students for Oral examinations, DSA and Scholarship interviews, and In-class presentations

  1. Body language (covering elements such as hand gestures, eye contact, stage positioning, vocal variety)
  2. Linguistic skills (proper pronunciation and enunciation; literary devices; and correction of common misuses and abuses of the language)
  3. Impromptu speaking techniques (the aim is to train students to think fast on their feet to respond to questions posed by the audience members)
  4. Interview skills (the aim is to train our students such that they are well-equipped with the strategies and techniques to handle the top 10 toughest interview questions)
  5. PowerPoint presentation skills (the use of transition phrases, mirroring technique amongst many others)
  6. Emceeing skills (how to be a charismatic host on stage)
  7. Persuasive speaking and Debate
Venue: Public Speaking Academy
Address: 1A Tampines Street 92, #01-13B, SAFRA Tampines Singapore 528882
Date & Time
Primary (Pri 4, 5, 6) Secondary
Date: 13– 14 March 2017

Time: 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. (for both days)

Date:15 – 16 March 2017Time: 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. (for both days)


The 2-day S’Peak Performance programme requires an investment of S$497.00 (inclusive of 2 lunches and proprietary learning materials).


  1. Video recordings of student’s performances in class
  2. Training materials such as notes, exercise sheets, evaluation forms
  3. Access to online training platform which allows for learning even after the 2-day programme with Darren Tay
  4. Usage of the latest VR technology
  5. Certificate for the completion fo the course
  6. “Express to Impress” public speaking guidebook
  7. Lunch for the 2-day programme

Due to our emphasis on small class size for enhanced learning, we actually have limited capacity for this annual programme and would strongly encourage you to express your interest as soon as possible! Public Speaking Academy is excited to be able to contribute to your child’s/ children’s public speaking success and we hope that you share the same enthusiasm in nurturing his/ her effective communication competencies and stage confidence.

Thank you very much and we look forward to your child/ children’s participation!

Warmest regards,

Darren Tay Wen Jie (Mr)

World Champion of Public Speaking 2016
Managing Director, Public Speaking Academy
Best-selling Author of “Express to Impress”
Mobile: 92781766