Regular Group Training Session (World Champion Certification Programme)

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The World Champion Certification Programme is a programme designed by our first and only Singaporean World Champion of Public Speaking, Darren Tay. Darren Tay, who is the youngest World Champion of Public Speaking (the only World Champion currently under the age of 30) is also the founder and Managing Director of the Public Speaking Academy Pte Ltd. Together with his hand-picked and highly qualified teaching faculty trainers, Darren Tay designed and registered the programme syllabi, along with the Certification examination, with the Ministry of Education.

We believe in offering our clients, of all ages, world-class training in effective communication to better prepare them for school and the workforce. Here is how it works:

Our World Champion Certification Programme, the only regular group training class at our learning centre, offers the most engaging and holistic range of effective communication skills training to clients of different age groups: ranging from the Upper Primary category to professional working adults. In our regular group training sessions, we offer a conducive and safe environment to learn effective communication skills. Our teaching faculty members conduct lessons in an encouraging and engaging fashion. Quite unlike the lecture style of teaching seen in schools and universities, we believe in a greater emphasis on hands-on exercises for optimal assimilation of public speaking know-how and knowledge. Our 30-70 rule (skills sharing, theories, techniques make up only 30% of total curriculum time; whereas 70% is allocated to practice) ensures that all our participants get valuable opportunities to speak up and hone their effective communication skills for every lesson.

We keep our class size small (minimum 6 and maximum 15 students) so that each participant can receive greater focus and attention from the trainer.

To facilitate optimal and holistic learning, we provide participants with printed handouts and video recordings of their own speech deliveries so that they may perform an evaluation of their performances at the conclusion of the course.

Our training courses (inclusive of fee structure) are as follow:

Public Speaking Academy (Regular)

  •  World Champion Certification Program

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Topics to be covered are:

Level 1

  1. Body language (hand gestures, facial expressions, vocal variety, pausing with power etc)
  2. Language skills (proper pronunciation and enunciation, common mis-uses and abuses of the
    English language)
  3. Impromptu speaking techniques (training students how to think fast on their feet)
  4. Interview skills (how to answer the top 10 toughest interview questions)
  5. Group interview
  6. PowerPoint presentation skills
  7. How to be engaging and enthralling (8 step blueprint)
  8. Emceeing (how to be a charismatic and eloquent Master-of- Ceremony on stage
  9. Persuasive speech genre
  10. Informative speech genre
  11. Advanced linguistics skills Part 1
  12. Advanced linguistics skills Part 2


Level 2

  1. Use of humour in presentation and use of evaluation techniques
  2. Advanced body language skills
  3. Interpersonal communication strategies Part 1
  4. Interpersonal communication strategies Part 2
  5. Advanced Impromptu speech techniques
  6. Advanced Powerpoint presentation strategies
  7. Debate Part 1
  8. Debate Part 2
  9. Conflict resolution formula Part 1
  10. Conflict resolution formula Part 2
  11. Inspiration speech genre
  12. Epideictic speech genre
  13. Moderating a forum
  14. Advanced emceeing strategies
  15. Negotiation fundamentals
  16. Conducting a seminar/ teaching others


Next intake is March 2018. Register now to avoid disappointment. Limited to 15 slots per class only.


Level Age 9-12 Age 13-18 Adults
Level 1 Start date: 3 March 2018
Sat 1-2.30pm
Venue: SAFRA
Tampines, #01-13B
Start date: 3 March 2018
Sat 3-4.30pm
Venue: SAFRA
Tampines, #01-13B
Start date: 3 March 2018
Sat 11am-12.30pm
Venue: SAFRA
Tampines, #01-13B


We do not have a weekday timing for the moment. Should we have enough enquiries for a
weekday class, we will be open to starting one in March, on a Thursday and Friday. Please
drop us an email or fill up our contact form and indicate that you cannot make it on the dates
above. The dates above are confirmed start dates.

Class 2

To register, please fill up the contact form below and we will process your registration for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is each session?

1 Hour & 30 Minutes

Who teaches the lessons?

Professional trainer from Darren Tay’s teaching faculty.

Will the students be in a different group from the adults?

Yes, they will be grouped according to their age.

How is payment done?

Upon confirmation and registration of participant, participant will
make payment for the first month plus a $100 deposit (the deposit will be refunded and used
to off-set the payment for the last 4 lessons). Subsequent payment will be collected at the
start of the month.

For example, if a participants were to sign up for the Level 1 Champion Communicator
programme, upon registration, payment of (1 st month $240 + deposit $100) $340 will be
collected. The next payment will be the start of 2 nd month $240 and the final payment will be
collected at the start of 3 rd month $140 ($240 – $100 deposit).

At the end of each level, it is compulsory that I sit for the examinations?

The examinations are entirely optional. You will be presented with a Certificate of Completion upon completing the various levels. However, if you sit for the examination, you will be given the level of Certified competency by our board of examiners.

What is this Certification examination all about?

Download our free examination factsheet here.

What if I miss a lesson?

We do not have any lessons on designated public holidays. However, for any reason that you cannot make it for lessons on regular lesson days, fret not. We will assist you in your learning and ensure that you will not be left behind by helping you in 3 areas:

  1. We offer you all the notes and materials used by the trainer during the lesson which you missed.
  2. We offer you our online platform which you have access to during your tenure with us as a participant of any of our programmes. You will have access to training videos featuring our World Champion of Public Speaking, Darren Tay.
  3. You are invited to our exclusive online Mastermind group where you can ask Darren Tay and his team questions pertaining to public speaking.